Secure forum?
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Can any recommend a good, free and, most importantly, secure web-based forum?

I've had it with the security problems with PHPNuke. I just can't keep up. So, I'm thinking of just wiping my site and replacing it with a stand-alone forum. (The forum if the only section of my site that still sees activity anyway.) Can anyone recommend one?
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I use Phorum. Simple, easy, safe, highly customizable, but looks good out-of-box.
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I also recommend MiniBB, because I like simple things.
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There's also Discus
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I don't use the forum part, but Geeklog is a great system. It is similar to PHPNuke, but without all of the security issues. I have four installations of it running now, and I've had few problems. The community is very helpful.

They also have a big emphasis on security: Those who have been around Geeklog long enough know the emphasis we put on security. Our roots began in security (Geeklog was created to run a security related website) and we were one of the first open source system in its class to feature a *nix-style permissions system. We believe our commitment to security is why our userbase has grown over the years and that is why we felt it is important to remind everyone in the GL community that the importance security plays has not changed. (From The Geeklog security page)
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I use phpBB which I would recommend fairly enthusiastically. Well, it did cause my entire server to get hacked, taking down six ecommerce sites, but that was as I hadn't kept up-to-date with the latest versions.

The new version 2.0.11 is, as far as I know, secure as.
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Response by poster: Geeklog looks intriguing, especially since there's some info on their forum about how to convert from PHPNuke to Geeklog. I'm gonna look into that more.
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If security is a goal, be careful with the widely available packages listed here. Like running windows, you have to stay abreast of new developments and patches. Quite a few of my friends have run small BB sites and had their servers hacked when a new exploit came out that they didn't patch in time. People send out bots looking for certain files, so when an exploit gets out, you need to patch asap.

I would suggest if you install something, be sure to join whatever mailing lists they have setup for it, so you'll know about patches.
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