What food should I make for a LOST finale?
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I am having a party tonight to celebrate the finale of LOST. I have never seen LOST. What foods should I serve? (At my disposal: Trader Joe's, SuperFresh, Reading Terminal Market, the dollar store.) Budget = 40bucks. People = 10. Difficulty level = 6.
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Crisps, Beer, Cola, Peanut Butter and many other DHARMA-branded foods.
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Since 1. it's in a couple of hours, 2. you haven't started yet, and 3. it's LOST, the most appropriate LOST-ish thing for you to do would be to time travel back to a point where you could accomplish more.

So, here's one possibility: buy whatever the heck you want. Download a Dharma Initiative logo from one of many places online. Throw together and print out generic black and white labels for beer, snack crackers, etc. and paste them on the items. A GIS to get you started.
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The only edibles I can remember anyone making a big deal about on the show are peanut butter, wild boar, fried chicken, water, and beer. Dharma logos are a better in-joke than any specific food would be.
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If you're willing to splurge on one solid joke, I recommend a Giant Jar of Ranch Dressing.
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Fried chicken!
Frozen yogurt!

Plus peanut butter, eggs, orange juice, muffins, tropical fruit salad (with orange, papaya, mango, and fresh coconut), and any kind of pork (maybe cooked with pineapple as a note to production happening in Hawaii.
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Make fruit salad with plantains, bananas, mangos, passion fruit, guava and papayas. In a number of episodes Hurley is portrayed making fruit salad. Also, Charlie made Claire fruit salad while courting her.
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I am having King's Hawaiian bread, pineapple juice, and black-and-white cookies.
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Any food pairs you can set out in dark/light opposition. Chocolate cupcakes/white cupcakes, sandwiches made with dark rye/white bread. You'll probably find other options in the snack/cracker/cookie aisles.
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I have mangoes, oj, peanut butter -- and a ton of frozen appetizers from Trader Joe's. Maybe there was no Trader Joe's on the island, but it has an island theme. :P

Thanks for your help everyone. Happy viewing!
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May I ask why you are hosting a Lost party if you've never seen it? I am wildly curious.
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Because it's a large cultural event and I thought it would be funny. And it's an excuse to throw a party. :)
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Fair enough!
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If you want another idea, your Lost fan guests would LOVE fish biscuit cookies. You don't have to follow this recipe; any cookie that is fish shaped will get the point across nicely. For extra credit, make them work for the cookie.
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Also I printed out the labels: http://twitpic.com/1qfz1b Thanks for that link. I think they will be a big hit!
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‘Lost’ party photos.
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Man. I just used Pepperidge Farm goldfish for the fish biscuits. Those people are so much more creative.
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