Wher to buy patchouli in or near Seattle
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Where in or near Seattle can i find a shop that sells patchouli perfume/cologne? I purchased my last bottle in Kansas and have no idea where to find some here. I don't want to buy it online so any advice would be very much appreciated.
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Tenzing Momo
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Tensing Momo, in the Pike Place Market (go south past the fish-flingers, but if you reach the brewpub you've gone too far; it's above the atrium with the sasquatch statue) has a wide, wide variety of smelly things; I cannot imagine that they wouldn't have patchouli.

Otherwise, a stroll down either the Ave (in the U district) or Broadway (on Capitol Hill) will bring you past a number of shops selling traditional hippie stuffs.
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If you're over in the U District, Travelers can hook you up with patchouli oil, a cup of chai, and a killer gingersnap:

501 E Pine Street
Seattle, WA 98122
(206) 329-6260
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501 E Pine would be on Capitol Hill, not the U-dist, shirley? (Also: naan pizza?!? I may have to try this out.)

My sweetie suggests that Dandelion Botanicals over in Ballard may also meet your needs.
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God, is there a store in Seattle where you CAN'T buy patchouli??

Smartass hat off, The Body Shop at any mall also sells patchouli oil, and I think it's really nice.
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