Computer repair in North Carolina?
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Recommendations for computer repair in the Chapel Hill/Durham/Raleigh area?

I've got a Dell laptop with a mechanical problem (that is, it makes an intermittent grinding noise). I suspect the fan just needs to be cleaned or replaced, but I've been warned to make sure that a knowledgeable person does the work--this laptop model is apparently difficult to put back together tightly after it's been taken apart. I'm in the Triangle area in North Carolina. Any recommendations for a good computer repair place? Thanks!
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I don't have a personal recommendation, but the Triangle area forums over on City Data are pretty active and you may have more luck getting an answer there.
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When I had a PC I used Intrex computers all the time. I took machines there and bought parts from them. I was always pleased. I don't use them anymore b/c I'm a Mac person now..but I would definitely use them if needed.
Intrex Computers
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Used them for 10 years. Tell them Studio Supply sent you.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much, everyone!
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