What is life like for an FBI analyst?
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What do you know about life as an FBI analyst? I would like to find out general information, but I would also like to know two specific things: (1) what are the hours like and (2) what type of business attire do female analysts normally wear?
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My neighbor is an FBI analyst- she has 1+ hr commute, leaves around 6am and is home by 4:30 every day. When I've seen her in her work clothes she is wearing nice slacks and a blouse.
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It's a rare federal job that is anything other than 9-5, or 8.5 hours on flextime. Think senior execs, mission critical IT, some lawyers, dept of defense, homeland security, special agents, etc. 99% of analyst positions are 8hrs and go home, its one of the major benefits of government work.
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Most government analysts I know and work with (DIA, CIA, FBI, DoD, State, Commerce) work 9-5 or 8.5 hours on flextime, just like T.D. Strange said, except during crunchtimes when something important is going on. The military-related analysts often start work a few hours early (military men and women are generally early risers), but they get to leave early too.

Female analysts wear nice slacks or skirts, and blouses. Mostly it's dressy business casual. However, they will wear suits sometimes too, depending on the type of meeting they are coming to.
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