Hair salon recommendations in Vancouver?
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Women of Vancouver, where do you get your hair cut?

I am in desperate need of a hair cut! I have been going to Ayma at Caramel Salon, but it seems that she's left :( After years of mediocre hair cuts, followed by some spectacular work by Ayma, I'm reluctant to start a search again. Any recommendations for hair salons/hair dressers are welcome, especially if they are in transit-accessible areas. I have thick, wavy blonde hair, if that makes any difference. Thanks!
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Kelly from Mamanista. Specializes in curly/wavy hair, as well as women in transition. Usually gives me wine or a caramel latte. :)
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(By women in transition, I mean, going through changes in their image or after having a baby, re-entering workforce, stepping out of work, moving up in career, etc. She also does image consulting and is FABULOUS.)
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I suppose you're against just trying some of the others at Caramel, Statik and Tao? They're all the same company, hiring directly from the stylist school run through Statik (I think). In terms of "quality" (and price) it goes Caramel, Statik then Tao (I think thats what it's called). Statik's across the street from Caramel, and the other one is nearby, I've seen it but can't remember offhand its exact location. Ask to see if they've "promoted" your fav stylist to one of their other salons!
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Heh. The barber up the street. I love it: it costs 10 bucks, takes 10 minutes, and nobody expects me to have a conversation or sit facing a mirror. Of course, I just get it trimmed and my bangs cut, nothing fancy. But I highly recommend it if your idea of hell is sitting in a hair salon making brainless conversation for a couple of hours while contemplating yourself under bad lighting.
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I go to Melissa at Ego on Granville. I am always really happy with her haircuts. I have short-ish straight hair, but I know a girl with wavy hair who also sees her and she always looks good.
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Missy over at Coup Salon (in Shanghai Alley) is great. The whole crew over there is.
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(I don't really want to tell you because I don't want her to get too busy...)
Megan is amazing! She does a mobile salon called Mobile Locks - she comes to your place, which is pretty rad, transit-wise. Here's the facebook page.
Nothing fancy but really great cuts at decent prices. She's lovely and i love my hair cuts. She also does colour. (She used to work at an upmarket salon in Vancouver
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I can tell you where NOT to go to: Axis. They treat you like a particularly abhorrent and uncool number. I had a cut there and both did not like the treatment I was given (the stylist I had was too busy snarking with the other stylists to pay much attention to how I wanted my hair cut) or the haircut (it looked fine at first, but grew out terribly). They train their own staff.

I used to go to Statik, which is a sister salon to Caramel, but it is now, it seems, closed/merging with Tao Salon. I originally went there because I had a friend whose hair (which was also thick/wavy) I always found to be in the range of "okay" get a cut there that made her look fantastic. Perusing the websites, I believe it was Amber who cut my friend's hair; she's now at Tao. I recommend her.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions everybody! I will keep these in mind.
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