Who can help me with this?
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Where is the best place to look for help with Access? I like and trust the answers I get on AskMetafilter but they are expensive (1 per week etc.) I have a programming question that I need help thinking through.

Here is my issue:
I have a custom function that hinges on grabbing data out of a specific query. It opens Outlook, creates a new email and populates the fields with specific addresses and data taken from the query ("AppsEmail").
Now I want to make a different query ("RequestEmail") and have it populate the email with that data. So all I have to do is change this line:
Set MailList = db.OpenRecordset("AppsEmail")

and that's where I get stumped.

So I guess this a multi-part question:
1. Where is the best place to go for help thinking through things like this? What I would really love is a "mentor" kind of person that I could just hit up on IM, but that seems like too much to ask. Instead I would settle for a good responsive forum.
2. Does anyone have any guidance on my specific problem?
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You should try your luck at StackOverflow. It’s free a programming Q&A website. Here's a link to their about page:

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+1 Stack Overflow.
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Nthing StackOverflow, and maybe SuperUser (an affiliated site), depending on how programming-related your Access question is.
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I've posted the question on stackoverflow but who knows if I'll get a response - it's already buried pretty deep.
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Amethysts, did you get an answer? Did you tag it Access? Questions get buried deep, but most people look at certain tags. I don't ever read the front page, but mostly track Python, R, and some others (Access *not* among them, sorry!).
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I did get an answer, thank you, probably thanks to my tags of access-vba, ms-access, and vba.

The answer was to make the query that I wanted an argument in the function's definition like so:

Function CustomEmail(NameOfQuery As String)


End Function

and then when I call the function it looks like CustomEmail("QueryThatIWant")
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