What to do now that my internship fell through?
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What can I do here over the summer since I couldn't do my dream internship?

I asked this question (http://ask.metafilter.com/152551/I-am-scared-of-change-Advice) a few weeks ago. Got everything sorted out, got a lease, got plane tickets etc. Then life laughed at me and I couldn't get the work visa (bureaucracy, you know how it goes) and I couldn't go. Now I am back home in Istanbul.

I have accepted the facts that life is life, and not everything goes your way. The sad thing is now I just feel like I am sitting at home, doing nothing, which is causing me to resent myself and strains my relationship with my parents (they expect me to be fine sitting at home for 3,5 months). I eat, I cook and I pretty much operate out of my bed - pathetic. In Turkey it is very uncommon for HS and college students to get a job, so it is definitely not like the US. (My parents also do not have such an expectation - quite the opposite in fact. They were relieved when I didn't get the internship.)

So, my question is: what can I do at home that will keep me busy and prevent my brain from rotting? I have been trying to listen to a few MIT OCW lectures, trying to learn thermodynamics etc, but I feel like I don't have "it", it being the willpower and energy. It is quite draining to have nobody to talk to at home, being just by myself and not being able to leave home. So, what are your suggestions?

(Again, 20, female. Currently in Istanbul. I don't know how to drive. I can sort of leave home, but there isn't much around. I hate being dependent on my parents to go places, but I don't have a car and cannot drive, so that is my current situation.)
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Here's a thought... learn to drive!
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Join CouchSurfing. There will be tons of people coming through Istanbul that would LOVE to hang with a local with your English language skills. You'll meet interesting people and help!
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Why don't you learn to knit? Knitting and crocheting are like meditation, once you get your hands practiced a little. There are many many charities begging for little blankets for babies. Knit-a-square is collecting 8" squares for making into blankies for AIDS orphans in Africa, of which there are thousands. Making squares would be an excellent way to learn different stitches without having to commit to a big project. Look around...there are many charities that would love the assistance/input of a bright, talented young woman.
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Seconding learning to drive. It seems to be a skill that's harder to learn, the longer that you wait.
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Could you possibly bicycle to a nearby college campus or library just to be around other people for a few hours every week?

Seth Godin's advice includes "Write a regular newsletter or blog about an industry you care about."

You seem to be fluent in English; what other languages do you know? If you want a project that will help your resume, translating open source software is a great start. MefiMail me if you're interested.
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Planning to do any project on your own is really really hard, whether it's internet lectures, handwork projects, or learning a new skill. Try to meet people who will inspire you. Istanbul is a big city, and not everyone who lives there will be conforming to the idea that students who are off for the summer just sit at home all day. You've got over 3 months, which is a pretty long time altogether - enough time to meet new people, and get involved in a local group. A service organization? A class? Your goal is not just the activity, but meeting people who are interested in doing things.

Also, are your parents really expecting you to sit at home all day, or are they just expecting you not to have a job, but hoping you'll get involved in their lives, contribute to tasks of the household, go places with them, etc? Maybe they are also people who can, in their own way, inspire you.
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If you do not have a car, but your parents have at least one between them, learn to drive.

I am learning while working 40+ hour weeks and it's a giant pain. It can also be tremendously more expensive without the framework of parents who give free lessons and a car that's already insured.
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get a similar internship, even if you have to work for free? what are you studying and what kind of internship did you want? you might be able to get something similar in istanbul. let us know, let me know. It's never too late to get an internship if you bang on the right doors. Who do you know who has anything to do with the industry you want an internship in?

just to be clear, i mean getting a similar internship in istanbul
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