Can you help me find a reliable taxi service in El Paso Texas?
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Can someone recommend a reliable taxi service in El Paso, Texas to ELP airport?

I will be in El Paso, TX next week for a day to take the MCAT. I'm not staying overnight to keep the cost down. I'm also not renting a car because my flight will be an hour after the test ended. I don't want the hassle of returning the rental car to delay my flight. The testing location is only 20 minutes from ELP airport.

What are some of the reliable taxi services I could use instead? What will be the anticipated cost? Is there any other transportation options I should also consider?

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No personal experience but you might start with the ones listed at the El Paso International Airport site . Costs are also given as are group rates.
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Best answer: And here's an active link (hopefully!) to the airport site. Good luck!
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Best answer: The last taxi I took in El Paso was, according to this little receipt right here, United Independent Taxi, 590-8294.

Rates seemed normal: my short (10 minute?) ride was $12.90, which felt right to this frequent NYC taxi-er. I wasn't exactly counting blocks, of course.

It was, like, clean enough and fast and safe and completely not memorable, which is good I think.
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