How do I join people and groups to specific events?
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Looking for an open source solution to keep a small community, up-to-date and connected online.

Hi all! I'll keep it simple. I thought maybe I could do this with Wordpress, but thought I would ask here first. Maybe there is an easier solution... I need something I can host on my server that does the following:

-Planning of events
-Place to present the events, ie calendar where people can sign-up for the events.
-Registration of participants, with email updates to them for different events.
-place registrants into different groups.
-Storage of documents that the participants can get.
-Photos, video, news etc.

I have been looking but not finding... Any ideas?
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Dev Seed has created a fork of Drupal called Open Atrium that seems very well-suited for your needs. Alternatively, the normal distribution of Drupal with a few modules should do the trick, and be a weekend project for someone with some Drupal experience.
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Response by poster: Ok. I took a look at Open Atrium. It looks promising. Very sleek. Have you used it? Can people click on events in the calendar and register for them?
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Google Sites is just the thing, especially if you can get all of your peeps to use Gmail. And it's elegant and free.
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Whoops, just saw that you want to host it on your own server. Still, I'd consider Sites, if it were me.
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Response by poster: I will still check it out. Thank you.
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It sounds like you want to organize a conference. I just read last night a guy's brief listing of a ton of >open source conference tools. I don't have an answer, but I wish I did.
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I'm not sure that it's built into Open Atrium but since it's a fork of Drupal, you can use something like the RSVP module to add that functionality quite easily.
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