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I find that I am consistently misspelling a certain proper name when sending mail to a friend who bears that name. I need a way to force the spell check built in to Firefox to flag the improper spelling. This is the exact opposite of the Firefox personal dictionary, which lets you prevent the spell check from flagging uncommon words you use that you know are spelled correctly. I've Googled extensively, and cannot find a solution. Can anyone provide an answer? I am running Firefox 3.5.9 on Ubuntu Linux 9.10 (Karmic Koala).
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There should be an en-us.dic file somewhere in your main Firefox install (not in your profile). This is the full dictionary file, in text form with one word per line. You should be able to delete the word from it, and then it would flag it as spelled wrong. I haven't tried this, so make sure to back up the file first.
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alternately, check out the autokey app- you could set it to recognize your friend's name as an expansion and correct it for you automatically.

It's available in the standard Ubuntu repos (or at least, it is for Lucid). I believe there's a PPA for it as well.
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