How to disable iPod e-mail?
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Is there any way to disable (or even delete) the e-mail app on the iPod touch?

OK, so we agreed to let our daughter have an iPod touch after (I thought) I did the research and figured out that you could lock down Internet access via the parental controls. Now that it's here, I see that my research wasn't as thorough as I'd thought...the parental controls only let me disable Safari...not e-mail access. Is there a way to do this?
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You can only delete the e-mail application if you jailbreak the iPod Touch.

There's no way to completely disable Internet access? You can't lock out the wifi connection?
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Response by poster: You can turn it off, but not lock it out. You can go straight back and re-enable it with no code.

For what it's worth, I'm perfectly willing to jailbreak and then delete...won't it just re-install whenever it syncs, though?
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You can hide applications with a jailbroken iPhone/iPod Touch, using SBsettings. I have no idea if you could then lock her out of SBsettings.

On the other hand, why not just password-protect your wi-fi network? If you're then worried about her taking it somewhere and using that network... I mean, she'd just find a computer otherwise.
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Best answer: You can drag it out of the dock, then fill all available pages with apps and have the email icon on the hidden page (you can see it when you sync with iTunes). I did this to get rid of stocks and other permanent apps I think are useless. Technically, it is still available if she hits home twice and searches for email. The other alternative is to fill up all available email account slots with bogus email accounts that get no email so she can't use them. Actually, I would do both.
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Is this an actual problem? I don't think you can sign up for any email accounts with the mail app, so if she doesn't have one already to configure then I don't think she'll be able to do anything with the mail app.
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Is letting a kid in today's age have email and internet access really an issue? If so, set her up with a gmail account that you have the password to and you'll still be able to monitor it.
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Response by poster: Brandon, I hesitated before posting and finally decided not to add " parent your kids, and I'll parent mine." My question was about an iPod touch, not about your views on teen internet usage.
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Often technical issues aren't strictly about the machine, but also the social and human conflicts and problems that come from the use of the devices. Sometimes people focus on trying to fix X issue, when there are other solutions that have nothing to do with the computer.

The answer I gave should be viewed in that light and nothing more.
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Response by poster: Again...I don't really need answers about social and human conflicts...I just want to know how to disable e-mail on an iPod touch.
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I don't really need answers about social and human conflicts...I just want to know how to disable e-mail on an iPod touch.

You got your answer. No, you can't- not without jailbreaking. Sorry that's not the answer you want. But that means yeah, you do need answers about social and human conflicts - they are the only additional ways you have to solve your problem.

You did not address my answer: have you picked up the touch and determined whether it's possible to use the mail app to create an account from whole cloth? I believe the answer is no, but since you HAVE an iPod touch to actually try the process on - one with parental controls turned on already - you're in a better position to determine this.

Checking against my iPhone the answer seems to be no. Every type of mail account listed requires you already have the server and account information. MobileMe has a "learn more" link but it opens Safari, which should be locked out for her. You should try it.

If this is correct, then the question you should ask yourself is "do I still have a problem?" Do you know/believe that she has an existing email account that she can connect to the touch? Or does she have unfettered access somewhere else where she can create an email account?

If not, you have no issue. She can open the mail app to a blank slate with no ability to send or receive mail. Unless you have a religious objection to icon representations of envelopes I do not see how this is a problem.

If yes, perhaps you need to question whether the touch is an issue in comparison to these other access points.
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Response by poster: Already marked a best answer, phearlez, but I may use next week's question to help me get a feel for your views on religion and icon representations of envelopes. As it is, saucysault managed to help with the iPod situation AND refrain from adding extra crap that had absolutely nothing to do with what I was asking.

So, just to be clear:

I've marked a best answer.
I am NOT interested in discussing religion, parenting, teen Internet use, or anything else; they have NOTHING TO DO WITH IPODS.

Maybe someone should add a little disclaimer at the bottom of the Live Preview that says "Please limit comments to answers or help in finding an answer."

Feel free to comment from here on out, but I won't be checking in again.
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