Windows 2008 Tape Backup?
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Apparently, Microsoft has declared tape backup dead. Is there freeware or reasonably priced software that allows tape backup on Windows 2008.

Yes, I know...disk-based backup is what all the cool kids use. Get off my lawn. I've got a couple of tens of terabytes of DLT and LTO tapes with drives that I'd like to use. CA and Symantec have solutions, but they're enterprise tools with matching prices. Is there an answer?
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I don't use either one on windows, but the corresponding websites indicate they're both supported. Look at either Bacula or Zmanda, if your googling didn't already turn up those names.
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Nothing free that I'm aware of. Backup Assist will do it for $250. I have a client who uses it and it's apparently excellent.
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Seconding Backup Assist - I had an issue (eventually found to be unrelated to their product) and received good support.
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