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I'm in the market for a Cordless Finish Nailer. I've only ever used Paslode, but I think they're a bit more than what I need. I'll be using it on 1-3 jobs a month, doing door jambs, casing and baseboard. I'm not against buying something slightly used off of ebay. Any suggestions?
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For the long term and flexibility, I would not go to the Paslode type nailer. This is what we went to after our Paslodes stopped working: 1. compressor 2. nailer
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Total cost for that setup?
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Black and Decker has a new product out that might help you. It doesn't require a compressor. It's battery operated and will drive 600 nails on a charge.
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Working in the construction industry, I was repeatedly told that Black & Decker products were sub-par via colorful adjectives and nouns. Perhaps B&D makes products that are suitable for "home" use, but not "trade" use. I do not know.
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