Recommended web design guide for beginners?
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Recommended online guide(s) for the total neophyte interested in starting a simple personal site?

My mother told me yesterday that she would like to have her own website where she could put photos, etc. (she has seen my fairly simple site and apparently likes it; she does not seem interested in using something like Flickr instead).

I can help her get set up and help out after that if need be, but for now, she would like to learn more about it all. Any recommendations for good sites about getting started with simple design, html, etc.? I have no trouble finding this type of site via Google, but can't tell easily which would be best.
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My friend teaches this sort of thing as a first year undergrad course for non computing students. His site is useful for complete beginners, as it has a fairly structured "lectures" section alongside a fairly comprehensive reference section.
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Maybe consider getting her set up on something like TypePad? That way it'll work fine from day one but she can customise templates etc. if she wants to.
(ideally use your own domain name if you use TypePad, in case you ever want to move away or they disappear/change)
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