Where in Portland should I look for both entertainment and a career boost?
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Where is the best play to stay (neighborhood, hotel) for a long weekend in Portland? Time will be split between business and pleasure, scoping out job prospects (electrical/computer engineering) Friday and Monday, and seeking out good local music and beer Saturday/Sunday.

I'll be in Portland on business Mon-Thurs and have a chance to burn some vacation time on a 4 day weekend starting Friday, June 25th. I know no one there and little about the city, although I'm casually shopping around for a new job and Portland sounds like fun. I'll be on my own dime after Thurs and need to know which part of town would be best to stay in. Ideally I'd like to travel by rented bicycle or public transit. Emphasis is on nearby breweries and live music for location, as a cab ride or possibly a rental car would be justified for potential work. Where are the hot spots for local beer and music in town? Know of any nice hotels located nearby ($150/night-max-ish)? Are there any big names (or neighborhoods) known for high tech in the internet, smart phone, or industrial automation industries?
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Portland Oregon or Portland Maine?
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Portland, OR: I found Bluebird Guesthouse absolutely dreamy. Located in the Division neighborhood (SE) and near to (and easy to get to) a lot of great stuff.

Also know that Portland (OR) is set up on a grid. It's pretty easy to figure out where anything is located by its street address and how to get there (somebody else can explain this better than I can).
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Portland (OR) has a bit of a job market problem, fyi.
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Portland (OR) has Intel.
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I recommend The Jupiter Hotel, which is attached to one of the best clubs for live music in the United States, the Doug Fir. Looks like it's in your price range, and they have deals where you get a bike as well.

If you sneer at hipsters too much, you might hate it. The place is crawling with them. But it really is super cool, it's just east of downtown, and it's easy to get to most of the city from there on bike or mass transit.
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Despite the rather boutique-y trend on this thread, I'll suggest bland and corporate. My wife and I stayed at the Marriott City Center and had a fine time. It was within walking distance of Powell's Books as well as the waterfront which, coincidentally, was running the Taste of Oregon festival. Didn't check out the nightlife as we were traveling with a 10-month-old, but we could scarcely have asked for a better location.
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