Is there an excellent Android calendar?
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Is there an excellent Android calendar app? I'm in the market to ditch my Blackberry and pick up an Android phone (HTC Incredible, I'm lookin at you!), but I need to know if there's a calendar that will work for me.

It needs to be able to schedule meetings that recur at varying intervals (e.g., every other week, every third week) and that recur at relative dates (e.g., 3rd Wednesday of every month). It also needs to be able to issue notifications/alarms when the meetings are about to occur. It would be outstanding if calendar events could be tied to tasks, kind of like I used to be able to do with the old Palm.

It's hard for me to evaluate Android apps without having the phone to try them out. But I don't want to buy the phone if the calendar won't meet my needs.

Anyone know of an Android app that'll do what I need?
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I believe the non-Google experience Android phones (such as the Incredible) come pre-installed with the Google Calendar app, which can do everything you need to do. It's a great app, and the integration with Google Calendar's web interface makes it killer.
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I have an HTC Hero with Sense UI, and I must say that although the native calendar syncs with GCal, the app is nowhere near as powerful as the Blackberry calendar.
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The standard Google Calendar app has all of this except tasks, which isn't currently integrated but is a Calendar feature. You can get to this using the mobile "app" (web page) for tasks, or install gTasks.
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Google's in-built Calendar app is absolutely brilliant. It fully integrates with your Google Account's calendar, and allows for tracking multiple calendars. This video includes a walk-through of the basic functionality that should let you see what's up.

Basically, you can create events, invite people, manage reminders, watch them sync magically back to the Google web calendar app, which is integrated into GMail as well, manage recurrence, and all kinds of other fantastic features.

You can't link it to tasks natively, but there are PLENTY of ways to accomplish that. Further, it lets you do all manner of crazy arbitrary recurrence, and what the phone doesn't let you set up, the web app does (every x weeks on these days, every x monday of the month, etc.).

Pick up Android. You won't be disappointed. There truly is an app for that, and it's incredible.
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In addition to the built in calender, another app for tasks is astrid. I downloaded it and played around with it, but mostly I just keep my task lists on paper.
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Just want to add that gTasks is not a good program in my experience. It is not made by Google, and strangely no Google-made program for working with Tasks exists. The developers started charging for autosync, which is pretty annoying since the program still has many bugs. Thankfully, astrid is free, well rated, and syncs with Remember the Milk.
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A new entrant for tasks is GQueues, which integrates into Google Calendar and shows up as another calendar. It is just getting off the ground, so it has a couple of rough edges, but its developers seem to be working on it.
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I'll add that the Calendar app has the same scheduling features as Google Calendar:

one time event
weekly (every Saturday)
monthly (every third Saturday)
monthly (day 15 of every month)
yearly (May 15 every year)

It also has pop-up reminders.

The Incredible is just that. You can ask me here or in MeMail if you need any first hand knowledge on it.
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My Samsung Moment came with Moxier which integrated my work Exchange server, for both mail and tasks. Moxier is available in the Android Market.
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One more vote for Astrid. The app gives you option to integrate the tasks into your Google calendar. I use Retro Clock, Astrid, and Google Calendar together as reminders. No complaints here.
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Does Astrid sync with the online Google Calendar's tasks? I'd switch from gTasks to that if I could (and agreed that the free version of gTasks does not sync, I think I started using it back when it did).
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