Who is this wonderfully dress woman?
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Help me identify this [possibly movie still] photo. Pictured: gun-wielding early 20th[?] century woman.

Here's the picture.

Also: Can anyone provide more references on the era, specifically that style of dress. Thanks!
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No idea about who she is. The picture and the pistol look pretty modern to me. As for her clothing, it looks like maybe 1880 or 90. My guess is that the ruffle is a shawl pinned to her vest. Her skirt is too narrow to be 1860s or earlier. It looks like the top part (the lighter part) is not attached to the lower part so it may be something wrapped over the skirt to protect it like an apron. I suspect that Edwardian is the closest you'll find if you look for styles or patterns to recreate her look. Good luck.
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Best answer: By using Tineye, I found this page. There's a link on the page to send the author a message. The exif data claims it was taken with a Canon camera this year.
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Definitely a modern photo; perhaps a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Mina Harker cosplayer.
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According to my father, he believes the pistol is a Dreyse M1907, though neither he or I know anything about the woman..
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Best answer: I'm voting for a modern picture. The outfit is combining a bunch of different eras in a way that has to be modern, IMO. The blouse seems to have 1870's corseting, 1880's sleeves and collar, and 1890's trimmings. The skirt is totally off. From my research, it seems that the horizonal trimming with flounces died off in the 1860's (on much fuller skirts) and didn't return until well into the 20th century. Honestly ruffles like that may have been done on a petticoat or nightgown, but wouldn't be seen on the outside skirt at all.

The thin sleeves would have been done in the era of the bustle, and the slimmer skirt would have been done in the era of the 'leg o' mutton' big poofy sleeves. Here's some fashion plate images of the bustle era to show you what I mean. This page has some good fashion scans for the 1890's, the boudoir one will show you what I mean about the flounces not being something shown in public.

Her hair is also really, really modern looking to my eye.

This is all based on my layman's research. Memail me if you are interested in making some late Victorian costumes, I can give you some really good resources.
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To start with, where did you find this image? On a website, etc? That info might help us help you backtrace its origins.
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The way the fabric looks over her legs, the top portion of the skirt is definitely a knit. Not a difficult piece to sew. Looks like a modern piece made to evoke period styling, or steampunk as the kids say these days.
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