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File Hosting question: What is a good Hosting Provider or other online service where I can upload (ftp?) any type of file (digicam movies, legal mp3s, huge zipfiles etc.) for a reasonable price for bandwidth and storage. This is not for a website so hosting tools, domain services etc. are not a concern. Any OS is fine although Linux/Unix would be coolest.
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Gmail? There's some explorer-like desktop utility as well, IIRC.
posted by Gyan at 5:18 PM on February 19, 2005

Oops, seems that Google has imposed a 10MB file limit. If you are ready to archive & split, it can still work.
posted by Gyan at 5:21 PM on February 19, 2005

Sorry,I should have added this is not just for private use but so I can share publicly with others.
posted by vacapinta at 5:27 PM on February 19, 2005

I just heard about libsyn. Might be useful.
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A place like DreamHost will give you 2.4gb of storage for $8 a month. That seems pretty reasonable to me.
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And if you sign up before 28th Feb, you can get Dreamhost's 1-year plan of the above for $9.24 a year. Put '777' as the promo code.
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Whoa. I wasnt aware hosting had gotten this reasonable... Thanks!
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If you just want to send a file temporarily to one other person, try
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I was about to ask a similar question. Nice timing, vacapinta. bcwinters & Gyan - do either of you have first hand experience with DreamHost? I'm looking at their CodeMonster plan because of the additional storage space.
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I have an account that I currently use as a storage space, with plans for a web presence someday. Lots of perks. Uptime good. Control Panel good. Customer service helpful & slow (but within 24 hours). If you're planning to use solely for storage, just get multiple Level 1 Plans (at least for the first year).
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I'm a big fan of surpasshosting. 3 gig storage for 6 bucks a month.
posted by tweak at 6:36 PM on February 19, 2005 will store up to 10 gb for free and unlimited storage with one of their subscriptions. There's a catch: you can upload all you want but downloads are limited. 100 mb dl for free; 10-60 gb depending on the subscription, roughly 10-60 bucks a month.

They support streaming of uploaded mp3s and movies and you can send a file link to anyone via email.

A windows-based upload / download tool is provided for really simple file transfer. A browswer-based client is also available.

I've just started using them so I'm not sure about their reliability but so far so good.
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I should clarify: the dowload limits are per month. And I believe there is a web front end you can open up for selected files for other people to grab.
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Globat gives you five gigabytes for $4.95 per month, and they currently have an offer on.
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bh: I use Dreamhost for my sites. Their user control panel is quite good, lots of features, but the servers can be a bit on the slow side sometimes (~1-2 seconds for simple page requests, etc). Maybe I'm just finicky.
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YouSendIt has also become fairly popular for its one gig limits, although there allegedly are bandwidth restrictions. Still, it's free and it's good for a week.
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YouSendIt seems to be only used for MP3 file sharing these days.. at least, that's the only place I see the links! :)
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