Oh what to wear, what to WEAR!!!!
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What to wear the regional Emmys?

So I will be attending the DC Emmys and have no clue how to dress! I know they are not the Emmys that people see on TV but I am sure I will need to pull off something nicer than my 'fancy little black dress'. What does one wear? How do women dress for regional Emmys? I am not a nominee, just a guest of a nominee. He is wearing a tux...
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formal wear - women wear evening gowns. I don't think you'll need to go as far as gloves, but a really nice long dress would be good. Have fun!
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Response by poster: oh man really?!?! I am so short I will have to have any evening gown tailored! And I only have a couple of weeks! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!
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My dad (who is a man) has won several regional Emmys (go Dad!); I just checked his FB page with photos of last year. My dad won, and he was wearing a suit. A couple of people from the show had tuxes, but none of the women in the photos (who were themselves winners, not plus ones) were wearing anything other than smart black dresses.

This was New York City.
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Response by poster: Oh that is so comforting! I am seriously sitting here freaking out! I have a fabulous little black dress that could work with some nice jewelry and good shoes... I have been trying to look up pics from previous regional awards and I can only find so many.
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The one I went to was in LA, but it wasn't the main one that gets televised - maybe people dress up more in LA? Sorry to worry you! I personally love dressing up, so I take any chance I get to wear something fancy. Come to think of it, women's outfits were definitely more subdued at the Emmys than at the Geminis (Canadian tv awards) so yea, you should be fine in a nice black dress and good jewelry. Maybe get an elegant silk wrap for the evening that you can drape around yourself if you feel you want to look a bit dressier when you get there.
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Response by poster: I do love to dress up, but I can not justify buying a dress that is will have no other occasion to wear :)
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So, you have your fabooo dress as a backup. Now, you have the freedom to hit up vintage stores and boutiques and Bluefly, etc. just in case something more utterly awesome falls into your lap.
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Instead of worrying about what other people are wearing, because there'll be a huge range with inappropriately under- and over-dressed at each end, I always coordinate my dress code with my date's. Men have much more limited and more defined categories of dress level -- tux, suit, jacket and slacks, tie or no tie, etc.

With that said, I really, really don't think that a little black dress, even a "fancy" one, is dressy enough to go with a tux. If he were wearing a suit, yes. But with a tux I think you'll need either floor length (getting a straight-up hem job will take a few days tops) or something in a fancier/shinier material, like a satiny silky something. If you'd feel uncomfortable wearing it in daylight or on a first date, you're on the right track.

Go to the evening-wear sections of some department stores, like Macy's or Lord & Taylor, and I bet you'll find something in the $100 - $150 range. Since you're short/petite, you can probably get away with some of the more inexpensive younger "prom" styles. And if it's "plain" enough, I'm sure you'll find other occassions to wear it--evening weddings, holiday parties, etc.
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Response by poster: Well my little back dress is definitely too fancy for daylight or a first date. It is a vintage inspired chiffon cocktail dress ($130). I call it my little black dress because it is above the knee & the only black dress I own. It is something I would feel comfortable pairing with a tux. But I will still look for something else too.
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Response by poster: I wore my little black chiffon dress with some nice jewelry and silver heels. It was just right! He won too! :)
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