Phone Lost!
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Phone forgotten in public transport! What now?

-in mexico
-samsung u600
-phone is still ON
-will be impossible to locate the bus i was on

Those are the facts. I sent a message stating that i was offering a large reward if found, and have tried calling about 20 times, but it just rings until i get to my mailbox.
This means that they havent turned it off, which still leaves a bit of hope for me that someone benevolent has my phone.
Thats why i dont want to block the simcard yet. I have the imei number too, just in case.
I vaguely remember the u600 having a kind of tracking app or gps tracker in case of robbery or loss?
Also, here in mexico, can the police track the phones location if its still on?

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If it's been more 12 hrs, call your telco and block it. It's probably a lost cause, and the hassle of dealing with potentially hours of international calls on your bill isn't worth it.
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Response by poster: its not international, i live here, number is from here (Telcel)
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The phone is gone. Cancel your service quickly.

The person who found one of mine ran up abot $300 in charges within 4 hours while I looked for the phone.
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its not international, i live here, number is from here

I meant that the eventual holder of your phone will most likely make the most expensive calls they can before it's shut down.
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Response by poster: my plan is capped on 900 pesos a month, and i've used about 600, so the worst could be 300 pesos lost. (30-40 dollars). Im willing to sacrifice that if i can still get the phone back.
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The person who found one of mine ran up abot $300 in charges within 4 hours while I looked for the phone.

THIS. I lost my phone a few years ago, but didn't notice that I'd lost it until the next morning. In the roughly 8 hours it took for me to realize that the phone was gone and figure out how to get the phone company to kill it, someone racked up at least $300 in calls to Ghana. Get your phone shut off ASAP.
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Response by poster: guys, i can only potentially lose about 40$ in calls before my plan gets suspended!!
My priority is tracking down my phone, the sim card is inside and the phone is still on.
What are my options? Can the police track it?
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I don't think the police are going to help you for something so minor as a lost phone.
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The police really don't care, I suspect....

I left a phone on a plane once, discovered it was left there before the plane left the gate...the airline basically said, write it off, we'll never see it again...

Time spent trying to find it is probably time wasted...
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Response by poster: So is gps tracking it impossible?

Is my only hope waiting for the finder to answer or text back?
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Did you call the bus company/transit authority? I've left stuff on the buses in my city and gotten them back at the authority lost-and-found office more than once. I don't know what the likelihood is that someone in Mexico would give the phone to the bus driver and that the driver would turn it in to the lost-and-found but it's worth a call.
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Your seems to more specifically be, "How do I get my phone back?" I don't think there's much anyone can suggest. You'll just have to hope whomever picks it up is a good samaritan.
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Tracking the phone is possible in two ways: via GPS and via cell phone tower location. The cell phone company, if motivated (911 call or you're reported lost in the wilderness) can play tricks with your phone's connection to different phone towers to get a fairly good estimate of your location, even without GPS.

Will they do this for you? I doubt it, and I doubt the police would care either. But I'm not sure of that. The best way would be to call the phone company and ask them.
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