Where can I get a stuffed moose head (also: other crazy decorating suggestions)?
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Where can I get a stuffed moose head (also: other crazy decorating suggestions)?

I have recently found myself with lots of wall space that needs decorating, and my buddy has convinced me to get a stuffed moose head to celebrate my recently realized re-bachelor status.

I've poked around eBay and moose heads seem to run about $3k. Is there any way to get one that's cheaper, or is that what they are? Should I be shopping somewhere different?

Also, if you have any other outlandish decorating suggestions, I'm very open to them.
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Here you go!
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Cardboard moose head?
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(For the record, I think this kind is way funnier than the kind you're talking about. Plus, you can get one of these to go with it.)
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There's one for sale in an antique hardware store in Denver, if that helps. I have no idea what they're asking for it. I would check out antique stores and the like. This place also had two (TWO!) mounts of cobras fighting mongooses (mongeese?).
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Oops. Broke the link. Should go to this.
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This is what freecycle.org is for (well, maybe not the moosehead, but lots of random and terrible crap that people want to give away)
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Check out garage sales and craigslist. I bought a baboon skull and a monkey skull several years ago. Finding a stuffed moose head can't be any rarer than that.
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For general decorating suggestions Salvation Army and Goodwill stores can be fantastic. Totally hit or miss of course because the product changes a lot but still fun to go to.
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You could probably get one a little cheaper by shooting your own moose.

I'd go for large paintings/framed items and/or a well-done Rasterbator piece.
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You’re in Boston? Is a moose head the only option?
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Paxton Gate has a jackalope! I was in there a couple of weeks ago and they had some moose and deer and other critters on the walls, but I can't see them on the site. They may just be for decoration and not for sale.
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I can't believe I'm offering this, but realize that a moose is VERY big, and so a moose head will take up a lot of space - not just on the wall but sticking out from it. You'll need a tall enough wall to put it pretty high so you don't run into it.
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Even better.
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You will definitely be able to acquire all manner of crazy, ridiculous, &/or weird interior decorating items right here.
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if you go with Bloopen's suggestion - you have to add a stuffed bear rug - you could even hang it on the wall.

if you go with the real moose head, realize that some girls will not date you again once they see it - even girls that eat meat can be against trophy hunting and it won't necessarily matter that you didn't hunt it.
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For more "manly bachelor pad" stuff, check out Ross for porcelain hunting dogs, miniature ships, and other faux-huntsman-club paraphernalia on the cheap. At least, that's what you can find in the California locations I've seen.
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Pool table. When not in use you could throw a futon over it and sleep on it. Any kind of arcade game (I see free foosball tables on craigslist sometimes)and one or two of those home theatre chairs with the cup and remote holders.
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Sorry, read right over the wallspace restriction. How about painting a it with chalk board paint, mounting a piece of wood trim to hold chalk and go crazy. You can still mount the moose head and draw things around it. Also, you can put out a "wanted" notice on freecycle for dead animal heads.
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Craigslist Wanted section would likely turn up something. I vote for a ginormous trophy fish. But if I had 3K, I'd be getting a pool table.
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Also, if you have any other outlandish decorating suggestions, I'm very open to them.

Lava lamp
Disco ball
These (unless you actually plan on having sex again some day!)
Basketball hoop
Jazz band
Gear clock
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Who wouldn't love a Kit-Cat Clock?
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And no bachelor pad is complete without Dogs Playing Poker on black velvet.
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What about a Billy Bass singing fish?
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@All: thanks MetaFilter for the suggestions! There is some absolute gold in here. I'll post back with what I get eventually.

With regard to girls that may or may not date me due to my home decor: I'm not really concerned about that. Consider it a pre-filter :)
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Wanted to add one more idea that I found today: Rhino bust
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