Hotel in the Castro (wink wink nudge nudge)
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I have a friend coming to visit in mid-March. He usually stays at my place (East Bay, SF Bay area), but just for fun, he'd like to stay at a hotel in the Castro (SF) or thereabouts (wink wink nudge nudge say no more). Anyone know of anyplace reasonably priced (read: cheap) where he could be adventurous, but that doesn't smell of urine (or worse)?
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A friend stayed at The Black Stallion Inn. It's on Castro Street and contact info is available via Google.

If I am reading the wink, nudge thing correctly, from what he said it was sort of cruisy. Don't know about the rates offhand.
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The Parker Guest House on Church St. is very nice. Free WiFi, too. I don't know if it counts as cheap, though- $110-$199 per night, depending on the room. Beck's Motor Lodge might be more fun, though, being closer to the heart of it all. The only place closer, really, is the Twin Peaks Hotel. These places see a lot of repeat tourism business, so they're not slummy or anything. The Castro is a nice neighborhood, and doesn't really have any fleabag lodging that I can think of-- anyplace within the neighborhood should be pretty free of urine-smell issues.
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the most famous cruisy place is Beck's but think about SoMa too.
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If you follow Castro up north of Market, it turns into Divisadero. There's a clean, reasonably-priced (circa $60) hotel called the Metro up there with great brunch. Can't vouch for the gayness, but hey--it's San Francisco! Throw a rock and your bound to hit someone who will say, "That was so Brass Eagle!" Or a passed-out homeless person. Or both.
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