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I am on a high-deductible health care plan and have maxed out my plan year out-of-pocket expenses. Our plan year ends in 2 months. Since it won't "cost" us anything more out-of-pocket, what additional elective procedures or tests does it make sense for me and my family to get in the next 2 months?

My family is in pretty good health, but kidney stones (ouch) caused our medical expenses to spike up this spring. The "good" news is that since we've now maxed out my health care plan's yearly (plan-year) out-of-pocket, we effectively have zero marginal costs associated with healthcare for the next few months.

We're already renewing prescriptions and are rescheduling routine physicals, appointments with specialists we have seen, hearing exams / cleanings for the kids, shots for the kids and my wife's regular OB checkup. I am scheduling an elective vasectomy and some blood tests (thyroid levels, vitamin D) which relate to some issues I was previously concerned about.

FWIW, married couple in mid 30's, young kids (under 7).

Are there any other procedures or tests we should consider getting?
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Does your plan cover massage? Gym memberships? Check the policy for coverage of less essential medical services and see if you can milk it for that sort of thing.
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I am in that same situation, and I thought that getting my heart REALLY looked at, and any problems fixed, would be a good thing, if it's free. But I am a good deal older than you guys, so it may not apply.
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What about shots for yourself? Planning any travel? Hep A vaccine?

Does it cover dental? Acupuncture? Eye exams?
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Get a mole check from a dermatologist... and ask any skin related questions you may have.
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Response by poster: Dental and refractions for glasses are NOT covered fully. But since I do have a history of glaucoma in the family, I will get that looked at. Thanks!

At our physicals, we'll ask about the Hep A vaccine and other shots.
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Eye exams for everyone. Even if you don't wear glasses, you should be getting them every few years. If anyone has allergies, now is a good time to get the full test.
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Are you renewing this plan next y ear? If so, this might be an unwise course of action since it will drive up your claims experience and thus hit you with higher premiums.
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Response by poster: I have employer-provided health care coverage. I think one family's marginal consumption of these types of things constitutes a drop in the bucket for a mid-size employer with over a thousand covered employees.
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I'd definitely think ahead about travel plans you may make in the next few years and get all the vaccines you'll need.
Also, anyone have any weird moles, warts, or skin-tag type stuff that could use a checkup or removal?
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If you're planning on going anywhere in the next year (or two) where you'd need vaccines (like malaria or typhoid or whatever,) get them now. It'll save you a bundle.
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Laser eyes?

Pew Pew

Sorry, lasik eye surger.
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If anyone has any aches and pains, maybe a physical therapist? Seeing one for a little while helped me with an immediate problem and also just to understand my posture and musculature better in all kinds of ways.
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I get where you're coming from, you want to make sure you're getting good value. So it makes sense to get the things checked you "Should" but rarely do, like:

* Immune Response Tests
* STI Tests
* Cholesterol, Hormones and other blood work
* A heart/BP exam
* Check out the moles on your skin

The only caveat is not to try *too* hard... The "We need to get full value!" thinking will just cause more pain in the long run, because it's a Tragedy of the Commons.
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Anybody with deviated septum? Get rhinoplasty.
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