What was the name of this damn book?
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Can anyone identify this children's book? It was a large picture book all about sea life, starts at the surface and goes into the abyss, hardcover-one page had a big scary picture of a great white shark coming out of the water with its mouth open.

My sister and I are trying to recall this book-we both loved it and she wants it for her kid if she can find it. It starts with ocean life you find in the tidepools and what not and goes progressively deeper with artist renditions of different fish and sea mammals, all the way to the glow in the dark fish you find in the trenches. We grew up in the mid to late eighties. I want to say this book probably came out around 1985 or so. I can see the cover of it in my mind but cannot recall the name for the life of me. Long shot but I had to try.
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Was it kind of like being in a submarine and looking out the window? And was it a board-book instead of paper?
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It was a hard cover book, but I don't recall it being a board book. Do you recall the name of the one you are thinking of?
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Not Wish for a Fish, is it?
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You Can Pilot a Submarine is the one I'm thinking of. Can't find any inside images.
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Was it a pop-up book?
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Could it have been the Childcraft Annual: Story of the Sea?

Picture of the cover

Illustration of Great White from inside
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