What is it?
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What is this?

Found at the local scrapyard. Does anyone know what these are (found about 8 of them together). I originally thought they might be teeth for a front-end loader bucket, but my online investigations turn up nothing. Mefite expert guesses welcome....
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No bending parts? Could be part of a doorhinge setup.
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Looks like a hinge strap to me.
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I thought it looked like a spire top for a wrought iron fence, but I can't figure out why the spire would have that split it in.

Alternatively, it could be an ancient giant's bottle opener ;)

You should submit this to the What Is It? Blog!
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Best answer: It's from an old mechanical grass cutter. There are many of those pieces mounted at about four inch centers along the blade carrier. The blade is a series of triangles with sharp edges attached to a strip of steel which slides back and forth in the slot visible in the center pic.

The blade looks like this:

The piece in the photo directs the grass to the blade, and holds the stems from moving sideways as the blade cuts. Maybe I can find a photo and post a link later.
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P.S. not a guess, but firsthand knowledge from way back.
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Best answer: Correct on anadem answer, alternatively a forged knife guard of a combine harvester
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Response by poster: thanks everyone! google image search for "combine harvester finger" brings up relevant images. Mystery solved!
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Best answer: Anadem and clarkie666 have it. It's a guide/guard for a sickle mower (or haybine or combine harvester). They're viscious-looking things.
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And ... Shoulda previewed. Stupid iPod keyboard.
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