Backpacking in California's Trinity Alps??
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Please recommend some 30-to-60 mile backpacking trips in California's Trinity Alps

Four or five of us are planning a week-long backpacking trip for early August, and we'd like to do it in the Trinity Alps. We'd love some experience-based recommendations for places to visit and sights to see in that region!

Basic requirements:

1. There must be great or at least decent fishing every night, so no dry camps (but this shouldn't be a problem in this area). I put this first because this is my most important requirement, and I'm the one asking the question ;-)

2. 6 days/5 nights of actual hiking time. Open to a layover day somewhere in the middle if the destination warrants it.

3. 30 to 60 miles overall

4. Out-and-back, loop, or both -- it's all good.

5. Only one member of our group is a semi-novice at this (but very game); the rest of us are experienced backpackers.

6. We're open to some cross country travel, but most of this trip will need to be on trails.

7. Most of us are in our 40's; the one with the least backpacking experience is in her late 20's/early 30's.

Other thoughts:

My wife and I did one minor backpacking trip in this area about 15 years ago (to Stoddard Lake), and liked the region, although we felt that particular lake was "too accessible", IYKWIM. I've done some reading since then, so I am familiar with the more popular backpacking destinations in that area, but I am looking for personal experiences and off-the-beaten-path recommendations. For example, Tom Stienstra, in his various writings on the region, often sings the praises of Little South Fork Lake, but also advises that if can only be reached via one of several difficult cross-country routes. Although a bit daunting, that's the sort of stuff I'd love to hear more about.

So, given that rambling preamble, what can you tell me about backpacking destinations and trips in this region?
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Since I moved to California, I've been more of a bike-tripper, but I just want to say that the region you're describing is incredibly beautiful and well worth the trip.

Six days on trail with 30-60 miles total puts you in the range of 5 to 10 miles per day, which will leave lots of time for relaxation.

For the unbeaten path, you might look a bit further west to the Lost Coast region. It's hella rugged, and has only a couple roads in and out. I believe there's a bunch of north-south dirt roads near the coast that one can follow; a friend of mine navigated such roads on a bike trip to San Francisco a couple years ago and said it was marvellous.
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Response by poster: Thanks. I appreciate the suggestion to explore the Lost Coast (which I agree is very rugged, remote, and beautiful) but for this trip I am specifically interested in exploring the Trinity Alps.
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