see what iphone apps i've purchased?
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How do I find out what iphone apps I've previously paid for from the itunes store?

A little while ago I had to sync my iphone to my new computer, and for reasons i don't totally understand and which may be my fault this resulted in my iphone's apps being deleted because I synched my apps to the old machine and the new machine did not have the apps on it, or something. the details of the synching are not important.

what is important is that I'm wondering if I can see a list of the apps I had previously purchased from itunes because I don't recall every app I had bought, and I'd like to browse the list and see if any of the ones I've forgotten interest me enough to download again.

PS: I'm correct in assuming that downloading previously purchased apps again will not cost me any money, yes?
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To date, any app you've previously paid for is free to download again.

In iTunes, you can see a list of everything you've bought (or downloaded for free) in music, video, apps since 2003 by clicking the purchase history button.
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do you still have the old computer? do a sync there to get all your apps back. Then on the new computer, you need to right click on your device on the left side in itunes and select "transfer purchases" this makes your apps show up on your new system to sync. Why itunes isn't smart enough to do this on it's own, we'll never know...

I don't even own an iPhone, but I end up troubleshooting them for friends. Android doesn't have this problem, since you never sync to a local computer
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parts of the old computer were cannibalized for this one. so sadly, that's not an option. but what the fuck. BEST ANSWERS FOR EVERYONE! you get a best answer! you get a best answer!
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