How much does this cost? Ca combien?
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I would like to find recordings of French phrases and their translations. I've gone through the other AskMe questions but I want something a bit different.

Essentially I want something that will give me the sentence in English and then the same sentence in French (or the other way around). Most of the lessons I find boast that they don't consist of rote learning, but that's exactly what I want.

I want audio only and I'm not at all interested in written or video lessons. Free is good but I'm willing to purchase if necessary provided its this format.

Any suggestions?
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I haven't used it myself, but my friends recommend RhinoSpike : Foreign Language Audio on Demand! -
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Another ANKI fan, I'm guessing.

Well ... I guess I can't really recommend this, but I have heard of people who filched^H^H^H^H^H^Hborrowed one of the various Rosetta Stone torrents with their favorite bittorrent software (like Vuze. Then, rather than installing the downloaded material, they simply harvested the sound files and pictures. The written French is there too, but you might have to tweak the data (ie: some of the special French characters may be rendered in random characters due to a font issue. Easy to change with Search-n-Replace and your favorite WP).

An alternative is to grab one of the various RS .pdf guides from the same source.

And if you need English sounds, I'm told there are English versions of RS with sound files. They pretty much follow the same template, so most all will match (with minor variation).

That should net you something like 3,000+ sentences. Double that if you go to level two.
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Michel Thomas.

I took French for seven years in school, but I didn't actually retain anything until hearing this guy.
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pimsleur does this too
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This page has pictures and french words that you can play on demand.
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Yeah, Michel Thomas is really good.

This site might also help you out. It doesn't have English audio, but it does have the English written while you listen to the French.
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