Where can I find this dress from RENT?
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Have you seen this dress? My wife loves it. I would love to see her in it. Win squared.

We watched RENT the movie the other night and my beloved fell for the dress Joann was wearing during the Tango Maureen. Anyone have any suggestions as to where I might find it? We are in the SF Bay Area, but have internet will travel.

She also can sew and is willing to make it herself . . so patterns would be good also.


The Dress

Side View

Big View of the Back

Thank you !
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Aggie Rodgers designed the costumes. I don't know enough about the film industry to say whether that would mean the dress was a one-off or not. Others can probably help with that.
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There are websites that sell movie wardrobe replicas, places like this (of course they don't have stuff from Rent).
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Best answer: Contact info for Aggie Rodgers (who appears to be in the Bay Area).
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Post it on Etsy Alchemy. I bet she'd get a handful of bids.
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You could have someone make it for you - someone has already taken the liberty of sketching the dress for you!
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Response by poster: Cool .. I think this will get things started .. Thanks !
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