How can I get from Montreal to Eastman and back, on a budget?
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I'd like to take a short trip from Montreal, QC to a spot near Eastman, QC. How do I do this without breaking the bank?

I'm planning on going away for the weekend and I'd need round trip transportation to the accommodations. Problem is: I don't drive, so I can't rent a car. I'm on a budget, so it seems like hiring a driving service is pricey. I don't see any offers on Craigslist, and I don't do well on bus trips longer than an hour and Greyhound seems to take 3 hours to get there .... any other options?
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Go to Allostop, ask them if they can call any of the people offering rides to Sherbrooke. One of them might be able to drop you in Eastman, by the look of the route.

I used to work at Allostop back before the Toronto office was forced to close by the Harris gov't. We used to call drivers to see if they'd do partial route passengers. I don't know if the Montreal does this, but it is worth asking.
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This bus company runs a bus service from Montreal's Station Centrale (at Berri-UQAM) to Eastman, one way costing $30.75.
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Oh sorry. No bus. Post to the Montreal Livejournal community and look for anything going to Orford as well, they're close by. Some Montrealers also use kijiji in preference to craigslist, check there too.
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