does melbourne have a crucible?
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what is there like the crucible in melbourne?

what is there in Melbourne (australia not florida) that offers courses, facilities and a similar culture to the crucible : 'a non profit collaboration of arts, industry and community'.

Specifically I am interested in learning welding. I could do that at almost any TAFE, but ideally i'd like to find somewhere with similar kind of associated community and set of interests as the crucible.

(failing that, if anyone can lend me a key to the super secret transdimensional spacetime tunnel from brunswick to oakland i'd be v.grateful)
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Best answer: You could try the CAE welding course. The woman who runs that seems to do welding for architecture and whatnot. Some of the CAE courses also have deals or associations with an art area that you can go and do the art afterwards. This may be the case with the welding course.

There are community art spaces in Brunswick and also some in Footscray where welding may be possible.
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Maybe MeMail tim_in_oz. I believe he learned to weld while he lived in Melbourne.
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Best answer: Seconding CAE over TAFE (haven't done welding at either, but aware of the craft vs. trade focus in the TAFE system, generally). Also check out The Australian Blacksmiths Association, and the Mont De Lancey Blacksmithing Group - they have a basic blacksmithing and welding class starting this weekend. For metalwork generally (aside from jewellery) you may need to expand your destination to include outer suburbs.
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