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Will I be getting subtitles and French on this DVD I just ordered? Is it English with an accent? Can someone explain what this is and if there is an option to turn the subtitles off - in case they're there? Thank you
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Best answer: Canadian versions of American films have the same English audio and subtitle tracks as the American releases. They also usually come with an additional French language track and French subtitles, neither of which are on by default.

If you want to watch in English, with no subtitles, simply put the disc in and hit play as normal.
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Best answer: Another difference is that the packaging will have some French on it, which annoys some people.
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Response by poster: Oh I see. Well, whew and OK then. This is a relief. I don't mind the cover. It's no biggee. Just as long as the English is there. Thank you kindly one and all.
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Best answer: You can see the back of the box here.

Looks like you'll have the choice of listening to the audio in English in either 5.1 Surround, or stereo, and in Spanish and French dubbed tracks in stereo. You can also have subtitles in English (for the hearing impaired) and in Spanish, but not French.
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Did you really think it would have a new english soundtrack with some "Canadian" english accent on it? I mean, did you really think that? Seriously?
(Not being combative... just flabbergasted and genuinely curious....)
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Response by poster: I really didn't know what to expect. Just surmising is all.
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It's not entirely unheard of, TravellingDen, but certainly very rare.
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In my experience, Canadian DVD/Blu-ray/Game releases are exactly the same as the US releases except for the packaging which usually (but not always) includes French.
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