looking for a contact management system
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I am looking for an inexpensive contact management solution. I am on a PC and would love to use FileMaker Pro, but it is too expensive. Any ideas? Thanks
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Use the cloud, not your PC. Highrise probably warrants a try.
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I use Google Contacts, which is part of/integrated to Gmail. It's a little primitve, but surprisingly flexible. Easy to get info into and more importantly, out of.

Of course, Big Brother, Big Adertizing, zombie hordes, and all that, but I'd rather trust Google, who could be evil, than, say Facebook, who clearly is.
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LinkedIn? Self-updating.
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Office 2007 Student's edition sometimes comes with some Microsoft CRM / whateveritsname product.

Seconding using an app in the cloud, though. Salesforce.com? A Google search should come up with many alternatives.
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Alternativeto.net has more.
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If you were thinking about FileMaker Pro, would Base (the database part of OpenOffice) be of interest?
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