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London: Where can I buy a quality italian pasta maker in The City (or central London), and what brand would you recommend?

I have two days to obtain the pastamaker as its for a gift. And want to get a good one as i've heard that some of the cheaper machines tend to break.

a previous USA based post recommended Atlas, Imperia, and Belpasta machines is this what I should be after?
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I just got an Atlas and I like it. The build quality is great. I'm not from London though, but maybe you can order one with overnight delivery?
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For reference, Heal's sells the Imperia pasta maker for £55. Amazon has what looks like the same machine for £36 (although it may be cheaper because it doesn't have a £20 attachment with it).

If you want the whole shebang, Amazon does look considerably cheaper than Heal's and John Lewis.
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I would try phoning Habitat - I bought a Imperia there as a gift. Tried to purchase from Amazon but delivery was too slow.

Imperia quality was good.
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Try Gill Wing in Islington.
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If the gift-ee has a kitchenaid standing mixer the pasta making attachment is awesome.
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