Sounds like a FSM to me.
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Looking for a flash game about a robot assembly line...

Posting for a friend. Here are the details he gave me:

(05:07:16 PM) Ducky: the domain name had fungus in it, and you were a guy building a robot assembly line that has to process robots
(05:07:37 PM) Ducky: like theres a tape, and it reads in colors, and you have to output the tape per specifications
(05:07:44 PM) Ducky: basic programming essentially
(05:07:46 PM) Ducky: it was a blast.

He also told me it was from some indie game developer (he thinks), possibly their only title. We've each spent the last half hour or so Googling. Hoping one of you knows what game this is!
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Could it be Pleasing Fungus Software?
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Thanks, got it!
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