I can never come up with a title.
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I've been given the opportunity to write a weekly tech/computer/electronics column for my local paper and although I have plenty of column ideas I can't for the life of me come up with a name for it. So I'm asking the Hive Mind: what should I call it? More details inside.

The column will be pretty basic general interest tech stuff aimed mainly at consumers. (To give you an idea of the level I'll be writing at - the first column, at the request of the editor, will be on the difference between Plasma and LCD TVs) It will run once a week in The Virgin Islands Daily News. In general we are not a very technologically advanced community so something that jokingly references this might be good, as would something that references the Virgin Islands, the tropics or the Caribbean. So far my favorite suggestion has been The Coconut Telegraph which is how we refer to the grapevine (as in "I heard from the coconut telegraph that...") but that would be more appropriate for a gossip column, so maybe something similar? Or maybe just a generic "this is a tech column" title. At this point I'm open to pretty much any ideas you can come up with.

I'll save my best answer till Tuesday when I have to hand in my first batch of columns. I hopefully will be using the best answer as my title so if you're not cool with releasing trademark or copy right or whatever is applicable here on whatever you suggest please say so.
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If you like "The Coconut Telegraph", how about tweaking it to sound more tech-y.... like... "The Coconut Modem" or "The Coconut Computer" or "The Wireless Coconut"?

Other random ideas, playing on your suggested themes:
-Island Tech Talk
-The Tropical Wire
-Electric Island
-The Plugged-In Island
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Virgin Tech
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The Telecasting CocoNut / CocoWeb / CocoTech
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The Dopeler Effect
The Wordmatician

with apologies to unwords.com
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With apologies to cestmoi15, Tech Virgin might be even better. Joking about ineptitude with technology and all. Too obvious? Too self-deprecating?
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Best answer: Islands in the Net
Digital Sea
NewTech Callaloo
Digital Driftwood
Cargo Cult 2.0
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Hash Bytes
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Response by poster: So I gave Hardcore Poser the best answer because I ended up pitching Digital Driftwood and NewTech Callaloo. My personal favorite was Cargo Cult 2.0 but I didn't even bother pitching it because I felt it would be too obscure will probably end up stealing that one for a blog if I ever get off my lazy ass and write one. Unfortunately, the editor is looking for something "really straightforward but with a cool spelling" so it looks like I'm to be saddled with Tech Smartz. At least she hasn't insisted I start leaving out random vowels....

Anyway thanks (or should that be thanx?) to everyone who made suggestions.
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Response by poster: So we ended up going with Tech Matters which I am pretty pleased with.
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