Who makes gray soled, gray calfskin, sneakers?
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Who makes gray soled, gray calfskin, sneakers?

I'm looking for a very specific pair of Men's sneakers that I saw somebody wearing the other day. Unfortunately, I can't find them anywhere.

It looked like they had a designer's name in cursive on the back, first name and last name. Could be wrong though.

They were shiny like calfskin, leather, pleather, whatever, for example

But they were a darker shade of gray.

And lastly, they had a lighter gray sole, like:

Please let me know if you know of a comparable shoe :)

Thanks !
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Response by poster: Oops, totally borked the links.

The texture was like this:

The soles were gray like this:
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Probably not, but I'm Ebaying for months now to get myself a second pair of shoes like these (Adidas Muhammad Ali). But with unperforated leather and gray stitching. So difficult to get all grey ones, in a simple model, without all kinds of minimalist-thus-twice-as-annoying branding crap going on.
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These. Sold out here, but the description is a match.
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