Website for making a 'pic a day' slideshow?
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Is there a website where I can take a picture of myself every day and put it into a slideshow? Like the infamous video by 'Noah K.'

I like but it lacks functionality and you can't control the slideshow size/speed.

Or, at the very least, do you have any easy/creative ideas for doing this? I'm running OS X.
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Do you have an iSight (built-in or otherwise)?

Seems like the perfect job for Photobooth.

Once you're done with the year/decade/whatever, you can export your pictures and import them into some software that will string them together.
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Response by poster: Indeed I do, it's probably better in the long run. I was just hoping for something with an embeddable widget and that updates automatically...
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Check out -- It's kinda like that.
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Lifehacker had something about this a while back.
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Best answer: You may also want to check out DailyMugShot
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Response by poster: @chocolate_butch that's exactly what I'm looking for!! thanks!!
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