I need a man watch
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I need a manly watch for my 21st

Hi askme, my 21st is coming up, and I was thinking about plugging my dad for a nice watch for the occasion.

I was thinking, not super expensive (nothing over $400), not super huge (i don't want to walk around with something the size of an apple on my wrist). A watch that is serious, masculine, clean and stylish.

Any ideas?

Many thanks!
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You didn't specify radioactive, but I'm going to suggest Traser. Some of the models only count for stylish if you're a geek, but you've got masculine,clean and serious pretty much nailed.
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I would suggest having a browse through Hamilton's collection, specifically their "Jazzmaster" range (stupid name, really).

The Slim might meet your criteria, but have a browse.
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Rado watches start at 400 and go up to a redonkoulus 25000 dollars - but I'm mainly showing you these for the brushed ceramic look which might be your thing. Many other watch brands are now doing ceramics, which is very nice to wear.
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Dabitch, loved that watch you linked. Called a nearby store for pricing. $2800.

Watch and jewellery sites do not seem to be very transparent in their pricing.
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Here's a thread to start with. I recommend Stowa. Their Antea line is clean, masculine, classic.
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$2800? Ouch! And I agree, googling for watch prices is unpossible. I've recently learned all about Rado and that watch (and how it's made, the ceramics process is really neat and not just Rado does it anymore), and when talking to Rado people they explained that older models would go for cheaper but everything new is aiming at a more expensive market, so I would try my luck at a store that has stock from previous years. That watch is designed by Jasper Morrison.
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Rosendahl Watch III or something similar, just under your price and pretty sweet looking.
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I'm partial to the Citizen Eco-Drive "Military" style watches.
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Luminox, the watch of Navy SEALs. Most models are water resistant to 200 meters. They all have a luminescent dial powered by tritium that glows continuously and brightly for years without using electricity or needing exposure to sunlight. I recommend one of the steel band models.
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I think that watches are beautiful and anachronistic (which adds to their elegance, IMHO). I inherited a collection from my grandfather, and have been adding to it ever since. Check out the Orris Classic. They're handsome, and Swiss made. Also, someone who likes watches will most likely compliment you on yout taste should they see you wearing it. A lot of guys seem to also like Technomarine, which is in your price range. They're ubiquitous, though, and perhaps not the sleekest thing that you'll ever see.
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Poor Man Watch Forum's Top 20 (mostly under $500).
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I like my Nixon watch. They have several that are manly.
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Nthing Hamilton.
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Seconding Nixon in the not-very-expensive category (I paid under $100) and also Skagen. I have a now-discontinued Skagen Titanium that needs a crystal replacement after some shenanigans but is otherwise a fine watch. Also not very expensive.
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I love my Suunto Observer. Stylish, useful and robust, and it's in your price range. If you like manly watches you should definitely visit some kind of trekking / outdoor store, they often offer everything from clothing to camping gear to watches...
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Recent Diesels have a sleek, sci-fi look to them.
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Seiko Kinetic Quartz. Beautiful watches, and no batteries required.
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Go with a self-wind! They are the best! You can get a used Seiko 5 for about 100 bucks and they look like a dream.
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Clean? Maybe. Manly? Yes. Cheap? Certainly!

I've got this one, and I really really like it.

Might be slightly too retro though...
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I have a Skagen, which I'm pretty sure is the Platonic ideal of a watch.

Sleek, modern without being industrial, masculine without being brutish.
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I just bought this Hamilton watch: Hamilton ETO

I realize the orange may be a bit bright for you, but wanted to mentioned the quality of the watch (I LOVE the deployment style band that came with mine). I was pleasantly surprised at how robust it feels. Before I began watch-shopping, I had never heard of any of these brands.
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I'd recommend looking at Tissot - they have several very elegant models for less than £250 (about $400 I think) - I think this one, for example, may check some boxes for you:


Another one with a metal bracelet this time:


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When my stepson turned 21 my then-husband and I bought him a watch, a Raymond Weil, as I recall, a classic design with a gold case, ivory face, black leather strap. It wasn't the one he'd have chosen for himself, as he was into rap in a big way at the time. But he said later that he was really glad we'd chosen that one because even a year later his tastes had changed so much that he knew he'd now hate the big, blinging one he'd have picked out himself.

So, my advice is go classic and pick a watch you can still wear in 20 years time, with a suit, with casual clothes and with good memories.
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I'm a watch guy, so I'll tell you some watches that will look good and be good to you.

In no order:

1. Seiko Monster-excellent, cheap, watch fans love its durability, readability, and its luminescence. The bracelet is coveted even by "swiss-only" types.

2. Oris BC3- Look it up. Find it on ebay. Swiss, automatic, clean, beautiful.

3. Hamilton- Just look up some watches there. Lots of good stuff. Highly recommended. Khaki collection, by the way.

4. Casio G-Shock-Mudman, Gulfman, 5600. This if you consider yourself more digital than analog. Most guys can't or won't do this. Just giving you an option.

Some things to look out for. Choose a watch based on the watch, not a bracelet. They can always be exchanged, swapped out, taken out, etc. Its kinda like buying a car based on wheels...don't do it.

Good luck. If you have any questions about specific watches or prices, feel free to PM me...as I love watches and have probably owned a few you are thinking about.
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I've heard good things about Orient Watches. I can't vouch for quality, but the price is right and there are some handsome models.

Similarly, there are some nice looking Invictas too.
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hah i didn't realise how insanely expensive watches are.

thanks for all the great suggestions, i've learnt a lot very quickly!
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Seiko Diver

Great watches. Last forever.
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