Photo scanning service near El Paso, TX
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Photo scanning business in El Paso, Texas, or nearby?

Yelp and Google haven't been helpful, so now it's time to turn to the locals. Is there somewhere in El Paso or up to an hour away that you can recommend for photo scanning? I don't need touch ups or anything, just bulk scanning.

Any related suggestions are also welcome. I know about online services, but for the time want to try to avoid too much shipping charges. If I were there I would scan them myself.

Thank you in advance!
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I'm not sure how much bulk you have, but the Walgreens stores have scanning capabilities.

If not there I would maybe try Kinko's??

Good luck!
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Response by poster: Hmm. I didn't realize they scanned photos. Upon looking up their prices, I admit to shell shock. Online I found $64 for 1000. And yes, I probably have close to that many, just old family photos.
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