What's the cheaper alternative to Apple's 24" Cinema Displays?
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What's the cheaper alternative to Apple's 24" Cinema Displays?

Long time ago (2004?), I did some shopping for myself and found a way to find which actual LCD panel was being put in the then-current Apple Cinema display, and what other models from other manufacturers used the same high-quality LCD panel - but didn't charge an extra $400 for the Apple branding and brushed aluminum housing.

A friend just asked me what external display to get for her MacBook Air so she could watch movies. I know she'll need to get an adapter from the Air's DisplayPort to VGA or DVI, but I can't remember where I found that equivalent-LCD-panel-for-less info for myself last time.
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I use a Dell UltraSharp 2407WFP with a Macbook Pro and am very happy with it.
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Best answer: Are you thinking of CinemaView?
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There's a new 24" from HP the zr24w which is an IPS display and has a DisplayPort input.

The Dell U2410 also is a 24" IPS display. It has a DisplayPort input.

Both are cheaper than the Apple 24" model.
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I wouldnt buy the Dell stuff.....had two back to back bad experiences with these monitors...I would seriously look at the cinema view.
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I'm quite happy with a Dell U2408WFP.
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Dell monitors are excellent. Using a 27" Ultrasharp with my Mac Pro right now. Awesome product.
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At work I have a DELL UltraSharp 2408WFPb ...and I constantly get comments from people saying how beautiful the image looks. (granted, part of that equation is using incredible wallpapers from Interfactlift.. but still... its a luscious monitor.. and sometimes I just lean back in my chair and admire it. :P
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The geeks over at HardOCP are insanely picky; I prefer their opinions over the questionable reviews at Amazon and other major retailers. Newegg reviews can sometimes be helpful too.
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CinemaView monitors are not LED backlit nor are they IPS panels.
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Response by poster: I can't Best Answer everyone who recommended Dell monitors, but thanks to all for the recommendations - I have a Dell on my Mac too, and it's good to know they're still quality. Although it's purely cosmetic, the friend who's looking for a Cinema substiute is both cheap AND into appearances - so the CinemaView knockoff is probably the best pick for them. Thanks!
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