So I guess what I want is ASKMEFI for pants
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Is there a website somewhere that you can post a pair of pants and say "What goes with this?"

Lately I've been trying to update my wardrobe and doing, frankly, a pretty good job at it. There's a great store called ITS A WRAP where you can buy high end movie and tv wardrobes for dimes on the dollar and I've been getting some really nice stuff. A varvatos tie. A pair of johnston and murphy shoes. Etc. And mostly I've been using it to trade up my mediocre things for nicer versions of the same.

But now I'm past that. And I'm buying some nice things I've never owned before. Like a pair of gray herringbone prada pants ($22.50 by the way). They look great on...but I have no idea what goes with them. And I've now got several other pieces just like this. Amazing selections, no idea what you're supposed to wear with them.

So is there a site where you can put something up and people will pair it for you sartorialy? I'm not looking for general kind of "gray pants go with oxblood shoes" advice. And as much as I like looking at those fashion blogs once in a while, I don't want to make this THAT much of a mission to add them to the RSS just to figure this out.

And, while this is shooting for the moon, I actually would love to see the results if possible. With pictures.

So does this exist? If so...where?
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I don't think this is quite what you're looking for, but I read recently about a website called "Polyvore" where people clip images of clothing, makeup, shoes, accessories, and put them together in collections - some of these people are very fashion conscious and there are some highly ranked users there. I did a search, just for fun, in the items other users had uploaded (a whole bazillion) and found some pieces of clothing I did have - the users had selected some interesting things to go with them, and I got some good ideas that way. It might be a place to start, even if it's not the customized advice you are looking for in your post.
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I kinda think Polyvore is women only?
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I found this site recently--it's not quite what you want, but you can test out outfits there and get feedback.
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I think you need a forum for this. Two of the biggest on the subject that I know of are the forum at Ask Andy About Clothes and the Style Forum. This is definitely the kind of thing that would require a community, though I don't know if either of these sites has exactly what you are looking for.
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I was going to say what PhoBWanKenobi said. People there definitely ask "what goes with (item of clothes)?"

If you really want exact items, and pictures, and now, you'd probably be best off hiring a personal stylist.
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