IQ and Alzheimers
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As Alzheimers progresses do a persons IQ drop? Does a formerly really bright person have a lower IQ and is that part of the reason they do not understand or follow complex thoughts? I am wondering about this with my husband who now finds a lot of things "boring" LAG
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From a google search on alzheimers and IQ, there are plenty of links to show that this is indeed the case.
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I'm not sure a loss of interest is necessarily evident of a lower IQ. I mean, to take the opposite stance, when a kid is really bored in class, sometimes the work isnt challenging grandmother died of alzheimers two summers ago at the age of 93, and over the time of her illness, i learned a lot about the syndrome. Basically, i think one of the best things you could do would be to rekindle an interest in scrabble or any other word/logic game that involves the mind. Learning new skills and keeping the mind active are suppossed to be some of the best preventative actions for alzheimers.
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Kifer85, the boring part was about the question asker's spouse, not alzheimers. Alzheimers actually produces plaque buildup on parts of your brain, inhibiting your mental state, and yes, lowering your IQ.
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But I don't think it is fair to say that the "lower IQ" is the reason people with Alzheimer's don't understand complex thoughts. IQ is a made-up arbitrary measure based on standardized tests.

So the opposite is actually true; performance on IQ tests would drop because the patient doesn't understand complex thoughts.
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IQ is a made-up arbitrary measure based on standardized tests.

Yes, but we neurologists use those same standardized tests to diagnose Alzheimer disease (pre-mortem, at least.)

Therefore, the answer's yes - by definition.
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Since some of the IQ test is about remembering strings of numbers and strings of information...and alzheimer's affects the memory, I'm going for a big yes here.
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