Semi-romantic lodging on the Oregon Coast?
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Great, semi-romantic lodging *anywhere* on the Oregon Coast?

My fiancee's birthday is coming up and we are planning on escaping for the weekend to the Oregon coast. We live in Portland, will have a car for the weekend, and are looking for some nice lodging on the coast.

Something semi-romantic would be nice, jetted tubs and whatnot. We'll most likely bring our own food, so being close to restaurants is not necessary. Being within a few blocks from the beach would be tremendous, but we don't mind a walk. We don't mind cabins, hotels, motels, yurts, anything is fair game. Electricity isn't even necessary. Just somewhere beautiful that we can recharge our batteries for a weekend.

Budget is around $200/night. Less would be nice, but I'll entertain most anything. I've checked out this askmefi and the one place that looked promising (Shamrock Lodgettes) is no longer in business. Something like the Shamrock would be perfect.

So, hivemind, help me be a superhero and find a beautiful place that we will enjoy and want to revisit on the regular. Thanks in advance.
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As mentioned in the previous thread - I highly recommend the Sylvia Beach Hotel

Or get a room, cabin or rent a house in Oceanside. It's the most cozy seaside town in the state, in my opinion.
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Stephanie Inn, Cannon Beach
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@ jardinier: Hey, you stole my suggestion!

But seriously, folks. The Sylvia Beach Hotel is really great. The larger rooms have clawfoot tubs (varies by room, be sure to ask), and of course, the rooms are all themed on specific authors. The top floor has a library with lots of books, board games, and mulled wine. The hotel is on a low bluff right on the beach. Most rooms have ocean views. Very romantic.

We stayed in the Mark Twain room both times. Here's a view from the balcony.

Newport also features the Rogue Brewery, which has its own brew pub with excellent food.
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On the cheaper end, the ground-floor beachfront rooms at The Sea Gypsy Motel in Lincoln City are definitely less than $200 a night, with beach access and everything. Go next door to Kyllo's for dinner and drinks, stumble back to the motel. In the morning, go to the Otis Cafe the next day for breakfast.

Cheap, a little cheezy, and fun.
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I stayed at the SeaQuest Inn in Yachats a couple summers ago and thought it was quite nice. The location is fantastic as well.
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My wife had some business in the coast last weekend, so I tagged along. We stayed at the Best Western Lincoln Sands. I was really surprised at how nice this chain hotel was. For $100/night we had a nice large beachfront bedroom/kitchen/living room suite. The back doors/windows opened right onto the beach. Breakfast was good and included. The staff were super friendly. Lincoln City doesn't have much to offer, but if you just want to hole up for the weekend and enjoy each other, I'd recommend the place.
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Salishan Lodge

Anchor Pier Lodge is on the Newport Waterfront. Only one room has a hot tub (there are only 4 rooms for rent).

Yurts: Beverly Beach State Park, South Beach, etc.

Heceta Head Lighthouse B&B
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With your criteria the field is wide open.

I like the Sylvia motel, but I thought many of their rooms were too small and with too many shared walls for romance. Just me. So I stayed up the road at the Green Gables.

If you are feeling a little rustic they have yurts at Fort Stephens right at the mouth of the Colombia river.

I chose those two to try to keep driving to the minimum. You only have a weekend and who wants to spend more than a couple of hours in the car?
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Heceta Head Lighthouse bed and breakfast:,-124.125102&spn=0,0.009345&t=h&z=17&lci=com.panoramio.all&layer=c&cbll=44.136461,-124.125102&cbp=12,0,,0,5&photoid=fr-1478572424
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I highly recommend checking out the houses and condos on Vacation Rentals by Owner. Just think, a whole house to yourself, just a block from the beach, fireplace, private kitchen, maybe a hot tub...

I've found great rentals all along the coast, and under $200 a night is completely reasonable.
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I don't think it has hot tubs but my sister raved about spending her birthday in Newport on a boat.
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I stayed in this rental condo building.

It's on a cliff above the sea, so not so great for instant sandy walky hand-in-hand stuff, but it is glorious to be on your own deck, in your own hot tub, looking at your own California Grey Whales fluking up and down the coast. It is within walking distance of the tiny harbour (with charter boats, cute spotty harbour seals, dining and shopping) and it has wireless, a full kitchen, a pool on site, and a movie room.
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Along the lines of what knowyournuts mentioned, I've gone in with friends to rent vacation homes in Arch Cape and had really good experiences both times. And bonus: no paperthin walls between you and people in a room next to you.
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