How to publish my RSS feed on a friend's website?
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A friend wants to include headlines from my website on his site. Is there a simple way for him to publish headlines as links using my RSS feed, preferably without the branding of a third party service?

My friend is expecting some heavy traffic over the next year due to a DVD promotion he is doing. He wants to supplement the instructional content of his site with news content from mine. I don't have the programming chops to understand parsing solutions, so I just get completely confused when researching how to do this. I'm looking for a cut/paste solution where I can fill in some easy details.
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Best answer: I would suggest using the magpie RSS parser, done in PHP. It's how I do the audioscrobbler "now playing" list on my site. Every fifteen minutes it grabs the RSS off audioscrobbler's site and parses it into HTML through a template I customized.
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Best answer: I use zFeeder.
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beSpacific recently answered this question..
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This guy, Carlo Zottman, will make you a custom rss feed from any website you want, for like $5 or some ridiculous amount. You just give the website URL, tell him what elements you want to scrape, and he comes back to you a couple days later with a feed.

I know about him because I wanted to have a stark box on my website with just the current number of U.S. fatalities in Irag, in real time. Just that number. He produced it for me, scraping this site, and to my everlasting shame I never learned enough CSS to get it on my front page the way I wanted it.

I would be more than grateful if anyone reading this could spread the word about this feed, which is still live and accurate, although if no one uses it it may be taken down. Neuroshred, thanks for prompting me to give this a plug.
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Oh, I misread the question. You're looking for a parser. I use the freeware CaRP.
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It's a really easy thing to do with PHP. If you decide not to use a third-party service, feel free to email me and I'd be happy to send you the basic scripts I've used.
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RSS Digest is dead easy to use, lets you customize the output any way you like, and asks only for recognition—which a little Feed integrated with RSS Digest link at the bottom would more than satisfy.
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did a search on this because I was looking to add a feed to an MT blog for a client. Go with mathowie's suggestion. Magpie friggin' rocks -- I had a feed on the blog within 5 minutes after downloading magpie and using this article as a guide.

That said, I found zFeeder to be an absolute piece of crap (I tried it before searching MeFi for RSS feeds). Not only did it have way too much overhead for my purposes (i don't really need to create security issues so I can have an admin page for my RSS feed), but it didn't work off the bat AND had a terrible terrible support forum (not to mention it doesn't appear to have been updated since 2004). The problem I was having seemed common enough, as several people in the forums complained about it, yet there was no answer that I could find within 15 minutes of searching. My guess is that zFeeder isn't going to work if f_open is disabled. Not recommended.
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