How to re-shelve a medicine cabinet?
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The medicine cabinet in the bathroom of my new apartment is missing its internal shelves. This limits its usefulness pretty significantly. Any ideas where I could look for thin, lightweight shelves to replace the missing ones?

I should add: replacing the medicine cabinet isn't really an option. I don't want to buy a new one; plus, the current one is so old that removing it would probably take a chunk of sheetrock with it. Don't know the dimensions offhand--just looking for ideas of where such things might be purchased. I'm in Brooklyn, if it matters.

Thanks in advance, MeFites!
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Amazon. You can probably get the same product at stores that sell medicine cabinets, like hardware stores with builder supplies, as well.
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I had this problem once and just went to the local hardware store and had them cut me some glass of the appropiate size. It was incredibly cheap on the order of $2 for three shelves.
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I found ready-to-install ones (no cutting needed) at Home Depot.
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I'll second Home Depot -- they have a good selection of shelving, and if you buy a 6' or 8' length of shelving that isn't pre-cut, they can cut it to the exact dimensions that you need. I think there may be some restrictions on the dimensions they can cut because of the machine they use, but I've never run into an issue...
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