LCD Monitors with an Elegant Rear
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Are there any LCD monitors still being made these days with a clean & elegant rear?

I know Sony used to make them. My SDM-S74, has a detachable piece that is part of the stand and a tray-like slide at the back of the monitor. So you would slide the thing up, plug the cables in, put the cables inside along the stand, then finally slide the thing down to cover the socket connections, and re-attached the stand piece to cover up the cables. In effect the cables just pop out of the foot of the stand, and the rear overall looks pretty, no cables, stickers labels, printing, etc, just 'SONY'. (And the power supply unit is external, not built-in)

This would be suitable in a really classy (emphasis on 'classy', think 5-star hotel) environment where customers in a kiosk/office would normally only see the rear of the monitor, while being served by staff.

Are there anymore models like this of any brand which has a very neat and uncluttered rear?

Phew, surprised something like this require so much detail to describe!
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Apple 24" display has a pretty uncluttered rear: image.
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The Apple display has a DisplayPort connector - you'll need a not-very-cheap adapter to use it on a PC.
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Take a look at some of the higher end Samsung monitors. I have an older one and the ports are at the bottom with a cover piece that snaps over it. If you want elegant, their highest end monitor is crazy thin. Not sure if it has a way to cover the cables though.
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The adapter Mwongozi speaks of is $30, or $10 from A small price to pay for a stellar screen.
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The older 30" Apple Cinema Display is still being sold, and use DVI. Of course, it's a LOT of screen real estate, and would take up a lot of desk space. Oh yeah, and a hefty chunk of change.

The 24" has much better color, though. I put the newer model and my current 30" (which is fed by DVI) next to each other and it was like viewing dSLR photos vs Polaroid. Worth the adapter, which is more than thejoshu suggests.
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Apple's displays are crazy expensive. Try these instead. Amazing!

Cinemaview = $399
Apple 24" = $899
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special-k Apple's displays are crazy expensive. Try these instead. Amazing!
Cinemaview = $399
Apple 24" = $899

Apples and oranges. The Apple display is a LED backlit IPS panel, the Cinemaview panel is a CCFL backlit S-MVA panel. I've seen them setup next to each other and calibrated with a hardware calibrator; the Cinemaview panel is a nice display but the Apple display is holy shit that's a nice display.
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