Searching for name of a radical yogi from the '70s?
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Does anyone know the name of the radical yogi (O_ _ _) who said to follow your desire because repression leads to obsession?

I think he came to America in the '70s and his name starts with an O and has 4 letters in it. There are conspiracy theories about how the FBI made him "disappear" twice for "telling the truth," whatever that means. He also wrote hundreds of books.

Does anyone know who I'm talking about? I would greatly appreciate his name!
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Are you thinking of this guy?
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Best answer: Better known these days as deceased cult heartthrob Bagwan Shree Rajneesh.
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Response by poster: Rhizome--you landed it!! Thank you so much. Metafilter is truly an incredible place to bring together people with so many random bits of knowledge.
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