Horrifying doll-house murder
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What was this creepy old movie I watched as a kid?

This was an old-ish movie, probably shot in the 70's or 80's, and set in the same period, cast in a rural setting in England or New England.

The story centered on two young kids (a brother and sister?) trying to figure out the murder mystery of this creepy old house they were living in for some reason.

The penultimate scene has some really creepy stuff going on with a doll-house replica of the real house, with miniature figurines of the people who live in the house (the gardener, cook, butler, etc). The miniatures come to life, and reenact the murder, thereby revealing to the kids who the murderer was. The kids find this doll-house in the library of the house, I think.

Any ideas? Fitful rememberings of this creepy-as-hell scene bubbled up from my subconscious where they had been safely submerged for years, and now I'm going crazy trying to remember what movie it was. After I find out, I'll have to figure out who the hell would show it to a kid in the first place.
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secrets in the attic based on the book the dollhouse murders?
posted by nadawi at 11:12 AM on May 4, 2010

Might have been The Dollhouse Murders?
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Best answer: Possible "The Doll House Murders" (aka "Secrets in the Attic.")
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Response by poster: I think that's it! Jesus chrisulonic, that link brings back the shudders. Thanks, all.
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Oh god, they made a film of that? Even thinking about the book is giving me spine-chills. Er, thanks for bringing this to my attention, diocletian and chrisulonic.
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